The Boneman: Bosom Buddy

Oh, this is a good one! But don’t get me wrong, all of ‘em are good, but I am really in support of this one!

My friend, Kevin Jones, AKA “The Boneman” wrote an article about 10 years ago called “Bosom Buddy”. It was recently re-published in the Independent Newspaper of St. George, UT.

I love it!

Bosom Buddy

Antelope Island

I joined another Photography Group a month or so ago. This particular group organized a photo shoot at Antelope Island for today. I have never been to Antelope Island, at least not that I remember. So I was eager to attend. I wasn’t disappointed! The people who were there were great and the things that we got to see were pretty cool, too!



Click on either of these two photos to see all the photos I took while at Antelope Island. OK, maybe not ALL of the photos I took, but at least the ones that I kept.


The Boneman: The Straight Dope

My Friend, Kevin Jones, AKA “The Boneman”, just published another one of his humorous articles in “The Independent”, a newspaper in St. George, Utah. This article is entitled, “The Straight Dope”. I’ve read it and I agree with his point of view, and not just because he’s funny or because he likes The Beatles. My personal opinion is that the greatest harm is committed when we’re dishonest with people about anything: religion, drugs, sex, alcohol, and what-have-you. This is a good article, you want to read it:

The Straight Dope