Ethan’s Parade

Ethan Van Leuven and his family live in our neighborhood. Ethan is 4 years old and has leukemia; he’s not expected to live for much longer. So his family, with the help of friends, neighbors and complete strangers, have been celebrating different Holidays with him this week. Tuesday was Halloween, tonight is a birthday celebration for him, tomorrow night is Christmas Eve and Saturday is Christmas.

I was taking Sadie Bugs and Frankie Beans for a walk tonight, not aware that there was a celebration for Ethan going on. But as we got closer to the Church in our neighborhood, I noticed that there was a Parade forming. I had heard something on about a little boy with leukemia and celebrations that were being put on for him. This must be that!

So I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of the Parade.

What an awesome site to see all these people getting together to show their love and support for a little boy. Very cool.


Click on this photo to see all the photos from the Parade at


The Boneman: A Pitiful Mind

Hi! My friend, Kevin Jones, AKA “The Boneman” just wrote a new article in the Independent Newspaper of St. George, UT. It’s kinda along the same lines as the Gary Larson cartoon that shows a student in class with his hand raised, asking “May I be excused? My brain is full”

A Pitiful Mind

A Colorful Zion

Lisa and I were in Southern Utah during the weekend of Pioneer Day when we decided to drive over to Zion National Park. We never actually made it into the park, though. We got as far as Springdale where we had lunch at Cafe Soleil. But just before heading back to Cedar City, I was able to get this HDR image of a mountain in Springdale.


The Perfect Pumpkin

Katie and Cory took Kyson to a pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins for Halloween. That evening, Cory posted the following on Facebook. I like it so much I’m going to repost it here:

So Katie pointed out to me something pretty cool when I got home from work today, she set up these pumpkins like this and explained how while we were visiting the pumpkin patch we were talking about finding the “perfect” pumpkin to be able to carve, the expectations we had were the typical orange, well rounded and big… She then explained what happened when she let Kyson wander to find a pumpkin he wanted for himself… He went to a big bunch of pumpkins and, among all the “perfect” orange and ideal pumpkins, picked up the only green and “flawed” one there… It made her realize how we as adults might view the world, seeing it in such a way that is conditioned by men… Missing out on the natural perfection that could be found if we wouldn’t let the mainstream opinion influence us so much… Basically she pointed out the beauty that exists outside our human fallacies, which really seem to only make things worse…


Some photos of Kyson that Katie took on her iPhone at the Pumpkin patch where he found his perfect pumpkin:

Pumpkin_Patch01 Pumpkin_Patch02 Pumpkin_Patch03 Pumpkin_Patch04 Pumpkin_Patch05 Pumpkin_Patch06 Pumpkin_Patch07 Pumpkin_Patch08

Fall Colors

As I was taking Sadie and Frankie on a walk tonight, which is an interesting adventure, I noticed these clouds with the sliver of blue sky, hanging out next to some flowering pear trees. Fortunately, Frankie had reminded me to bring my camera with me, so I was able to capture this.


To me, it looks like I’m seeing the bottom part of a face (from the nose down) with its mouth open in an attempt to take a bite of the colorful candy tree.